The online phenomenon that is “LinkedIn” has taken the world by storm and it seems that in order to be taken seriously in business, you need to be in the club!  Whilst widely considered the recruiters dream tool of the modern age, as well as helping both candidates and recruiters find their ideal match, Linked In can also prove invaluable for those owning and growing a business and anyone in business development or sales roles looking to make contact with the right person.

I use LinkedIn hourly, as opposed to daily and through spending time exploring and researching I have reaped lots of rewards.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure LinkedIn is working for you in your professional life.

Appropriate Profile Picture

Quite possibly the first part of any profile that people look at, the picture is really important.  Remembering that this is an online resume, the picture should;

  • Reflect the professional nature of this online platform.  Your personal social media sites are a fitting place for sultry selfies or wacky pics but your LI picture should remain reminiscent of how you would want to portray yourself to a potential employer or client.
  • Be flattering, yet recent and also of good quality.

I can almost guarantee that you know of someone who is keen on photography, whether it be as a hobby or profession so it could be worth getting in touch with them and asking them to take a good picture for you to use.

Up to date & Detailed Profile

As with a CV, it is important that your profile is:

  • Current – if you move on in your career, ensure that you update it.
  • Containing enough detail to ensure that whoever is viewing it, can verify your details accordingly .

If using the tool to aid business development, you need to ensure that the profile echoes whatever claims you are making in your other approaches.

Use the LinkedIn “Profile Completion Tips” to edit your profile and it is useful to add a Summary and Skills and do request Endorsements of your skills from your connections which all add weight.

Successful Requests to Connect

When requesting new connections, be sure to personalise the email being sent and include why you would like to connect with them.  People may just ignore a request if it feels generic and it is best to be honest and transparent. If you want to provide services to them or engage them as a future employee tell them so and providing your profile creates the perfect image, they should happily accept!

Utilise the Services

LinkedIn has so much to offer and not just restricted to recruitment and sales.   There are so many groups that you can join which offer advice and information on whatever industry sector you belong to, as well as applications you can download to enhance your own profile.  I am a member of several groups and the information and advice provided by fellow members is really helpful in building my own knowledge.

It is really worthwhile to take some time out to make sure your profile is fully complete, engage with some of your connections and explore the site fully.  If used to its full potential, like some other social media sites, you may find yourself wondering how you could ever live without it…

For more help and advice on this or any other recruitment matter, please contact Emma at Elite Staffing Solutions on 01823 429566.