Recruitment Services

Every client and recruitment assignment is unique.

The following recruitment services are all included as part of our 7 step recruitment process when you work with us:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your recruitment needs in full
  • Shadowing job roles, where appropriate, to establish specification
  • Advertising your job vacancy and sifting and screening candidates
  • In-depth interviewing of the candidates
  • Presenting suitable candidates to you, along with a detailed profile explaining our choice
  • Sending comprehensive details to candidates, including; job descriptions, interview confirmations, full location details
  • Following up on interview and passing on comments to you and the candidate
  • Keeping in touch with candidates and you during the initial 6 month probationary period
  • For more information, please read our Elite Staffing Recruitment Services brochure

We can also offer the following services for appropriate roles:

Skills testing – from typing speeds and Microsoft skills through to aptitude tests – you choose what you want to test!
Profiling – find out more about your potential recruit in terms of management preference, motivational needs

Candidate Services

If you are looking for a new job, career or challenge, Elite Staffing Solutions are keen to help you.

In keeping with our values, we listen to your job requirements and provide honest advice and guidance, along with the necessary tools to make your job search successful.

We want your experience of using Elite Staffing Solutions to be fun and engaging and promise to provide you with regular feedback.

Our service includes tips on CV writing and guidance on interview techniques to help you secure your next job.

Setting an appropriate salary target is an important part of your job search and using market information and our experience we will help to guide you.

Workplace Mediation

Introducing Workplace Mediation at Elite

Elite Staffing Solutions means just that – a solution to all your staffing needs. This service doesn’t end once your successful candidate has been placed. We are also able to offer a unique and cost-effective ‘in-house’ mediation service.

What is Workplace Mediation?

From time to time disputes at work are inevitable. But sometimes issues escalate causing a complete breakdown of a relationship between key employees or teams, this results in a reduction of productivity, low morale and often staff absences. Ultimately resulting in a loss of revenue to the company.

Workplace mediation is a voluntary and confidential process to resolve issues, with the help of an impartial, fully qualified third party.

The benefit of Mediation

Working with the parties involved, mediation explores and implements a plan by which the employees involved can reach a mutually agreeable solution. This outcome avoids other more costly and adversarial routes such as timely and costly grievance and disciplinary procedures or employment tribunals. 

The Mediator

Our in-house mediator has over 7 years’ experience of successfully mediating workplace disputes. Working with a wide range of businesses with staff from factory floor to boardroom level. With organisations ranging across a spectrum from small businesses, charitable organisations, and both private and Public-Sector employers.  

Each mediation is tailored specifically to the case, with a personal rather than ‘generic’ approach to ensure the best possible outcome. Our mediator is experienced in providing both one-to-one and team building mediations. 

To find out more, generate a quote or book a mediation please contact us on 01823 429566.