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Business Assessment

Your business’ health matters and sometimes knowing how to assess it is what holds us back from recording where we are and planning where we’re going.

This toolkit will help you assess your business where it currently is and act as a benchmark for future assessments.

It’s critical that you have full transparency within your business because growing and moving forward takes the smallest changes.


Insightful Interviewing for Employers

It takes time and money to recruit new team members which is why it is so important that you have all the tools you need to interview in an effective and efficient way.

We created this to support you in your process so that you feel confident in your ability to find the next best employee for your business.

Packed full of top tips, core interview questions and important things to remember this download will help you be a better interviewer!

Expert Emma gives us her top interview tips

Watch the video to hear about some useful hints and tips for a successful interview, including:

  • The importance of eye contact
  • General interview etiquette
  • Why your research on the company is key


Interview Tips

Interviews can be daunting – you have such a limited time to show off the absolute best version of yourself and all too often nerves dominate the process!

This download will help you breathe and focus by guiding you through the key areas of etiquette, expectation, best practice and questions. Plus it will help you cover all your bases so you confident and in control of the interview.


Maternity checklist

Maternity leave can be a minefield, this checklist breaks it down and makes it accessible and relevant so that when you do get a surprise announcement you know exactly what to do next!

Even if you haven’t currently got a team member about to take maternity leave, this is an empowering checklist to have on your desk. It will lay out the guidelines for the future and give you a holistic view of what to expect.


Raising Team Spirits

Raising Team Spirits

Top tips to build team spirit   How to raise team spirit I want you to think back to the good old days of when we were allowed to go on holiday...

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You’ve been furloughed

You’ve been furloughed

The thought of being furloughed was met with very mixed emotions. I was quite relieved / excited to have a break because we had all been working...

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