Do you currently deal with your own recruitment? Are you missing out on the top talent? We have highlighted some mistakes that companies are making and some solutions!

1) Not having a clear idea of what you’re looking for

– In order to find the best person, you need to be clear about the role that you are looking to fill and therefore the skills of the person. It’s also important to have a clear specification about what sort of person would suit your existing team culture. The old adage of “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you” applies here!

2) Recruiting from a limited pool o friends, family and clients

– Whilst It can save money and seem like an easy option, it’s worth using several tools available to you to attract a wider pool of talent including social media, quality recruiter, advertising etc to make sure you get the very best person for the job. It’s not always easy working with the family or close friends and equally if you take on a valued customer and it doesn’t work out, it can cause a wider issue.

3) Moving too slowly with applicants

– If you snooze – you can lose! In a market where excellent people are harder to find and often several companies are competing over the same person, if you don’t move quickly enough to respond, interview, decide and offer you can lose them to another local company and miss out

4) Lack of flexibility

– Many candidates are in full time employment and if they are local and conscientious, which you would also want, they may feel uncomfortable about disappearing during the working day. Remain flexible with when you can meet with them to give yourself the best chance of securing the best.

5) Poor interview technique

– This is your chance to demonstrate why someone should choose to work for you and therefore you need to consider how you also perform in interview. Ensure everyone interviewing is welcoming, friendly, professional and that the questions are appropriate and structured. A bad experience for the candidate can lead them to turn down your opportunity even if offered.

6) Forgetting to sell yourselves

– Good candidates want to know why they should choose you over the other companies in the area. During the process of selection, don’t think you hold all of the cards and remember to fully explain and wax lyrical about your opportunity, benefits, what makes you great to work for.

7) Poor Communication to candidates

– People have taken the time to apply for your role and in some cases, attend interview. Ensure you are courteous enough to advise them of the outcome as it can damage your reputation to leave people hanging. Also, once a job offer is accepted, always send a timely offer letter/ contract as this is their first experience of dealing with you and you want to reinforce that they made the right decision.

8) Moving the goalposts

– If a candidate has made it clear from the outset what their minimum expectations are or what they are currently being paid, ensure that you are upfront from the start about whether these are realistic. Offering less after the entire interview process can lead not only to the candidate turning down your role but also make them feel de-valued and aggrieved.